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Centre for Epigenetics > Staff

The centre's research groups and scientists

  Kristian Helin, Centre Leader, Professor, BRIC
Cancer biology, stem cells, epigenetics, transcription 

Helin Group
Ole N. Jensen, Professor, IBMB
Proteomics, epigenetic regulation, bioinformatics

Jensen Group
Anja Groth, Associate Professor, BRIC
Chromatin replication, histone dynamics, genome and epigenome stability, cancer biology

Groth Group
Klaus Hansen, Associate Professor, BRIC
Epigenetics, cell signaling, DNA replication, gene transcription, development

Hansen Group
Lisa Salcini, Associate Professor, BRIC
C. elegans, development and stress response, chromatin, histone demethylases & methyltransferases, transcription

Salcini Group
  Katrine Sonne-Hansen, Research Coordinator, BRIC
Administration, coordination, website, etc.